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IFW Corp: Recycling and Pollution Reduction Experts

As a leader in the recycling and waste management industry, IFW Corp works to decrease levels of pollution worldwide. With the effects of pollution increasingly becoming a worldwide concern, IFW Corp is putting their knowledge and experience to work in solving this problem.

IFW Corp Explains the Problem

With billions of people routinely taking out the trash, landfills are filling up quickly, leaving others to figure out how to handle incoming refuse. Dumping refuse in the ocean and throughout the country, leaving it to pollute the environment and produce harmful chemicals, is a serious problem.

More specifically, tons of old tires are thrown out every year, often left in dumps and landfills where they are unusable and cause a host of environmental problems. Currently, most of the United States’ old tires are sent to countries like China where they are shredded, remade into new tires, and shipped back for our use. IFW Corp’s solution to the problem of overflowing landfills also solves the problem of providing jobs and revenue to countries like China.

Alternative Answers

With their expertise, they have developed a highly specialized process, which has completely revolutionized the industry. Their alternative to letting landfills collect refuse is to turn it in to usable products.

Currently focused on recycling old tires, IFW Corps completely transforms these tires with no hazardous emissions. This is done by a proprietary progression where old tires are first shredded and then put through a high level of indirect heat. What results is a usable, high-grade diesel fuel.

IFW Corp not only provides complete recycling services for old tires, it also offers alternatives for filling landfills with regular refuse. The company is also able to convert regular refuse into usable gases for the production of electrical energy as well as other practical uses. Additionally, while tire scraps are the most profitable type of material used, they are able to adapt their machines to process biomass, wood chips, agricultural waste, and algae into usable energy.

What sets IFW Corp apart is the fact that their techniques in recycling used tires produces no pollution throughout the entire process. Unlike dumping sites and manufacturing plants where pollution, foul odors, and other hazards are obvious, the process used to recycle old tires and refuse is clean, green, and environmentally friendly.

There are only two byproducts created as a result of the entire process. The first is not usable or controlled. This is clean, gas flame heat— not steam— that comes out of a smoke stack. The second by product is something referred to as bio char. This material can easily be used as an agricultural soil enhancer and as a CO2 sequestrant. Additionally, bio char can also be upgraded by adapting one of IFW Corp’s machines to create a high-quality activated carbon that can be used in water and sewage treatment facilities.

A Rich Past

The company was founded in 2004 after a charity function introduced its founders to an engineer who was the head of the air quality management team for an entire district. A relationship developed and subsequent meetings led to the representatives from IFW Corp finding inspiration from Japanese techniques in reducing their landfills. The Japanese have been using a similar process that IFW Corp eventually adopted, in which their garbage was destroyed by being turned into gas. This not only helped protect the environment, as the process was clean and not harmful, but it also provided gas for the Japanese to produce electricity.

However, this was still a new process, developing more every day. The first machines that the Japanese used did not prove to be very efficient at reducing the amount of garbage and converting it to usable gas. These machines were extremely expensive to produce for how inefficient they turned out to be. This caused others to try their luck at creating better machines, however it took some time and discouraged many from pursuing innovation.

IFW Corp saw this as an opportunity to expand and achieve what other companies thought was impossible. The first machine that was installed at the treatment center in Los Angeles has been running now for six years. Constantly being improved and updated, it produces enough electricity to run the facility and reduces the waste by almost 90 percent.

Future of IFW Corp

With great ideas comes great innovation. As IFW Corp has proven, the ability to convert waste into usable product and energy is not only a viable option, but also a technology that is very much needed in today’s world.

IFW Corp has engineered a revolutionary tool in ridding the United States of its waste and providing valuable resources to the country instead. Currently offering their products first to municipalities, sheriff’s departments, as well as country, state, and federal departments, it is confirmed that the fuel they can produce is invaluable, especially as it is produced at a lower cost than currently possible.

The potential for this kind of process is almost unlimited, as it can be used anywhere in the world and a wide array of refuse can be converted into useable products. IFW Corp intends to have 100 systems installed within the next seven years, increasing their facilities even more as needed.

IFW Corp’s strategy is to position itself at the forefront of recycling and waste collection industries as well as energy and fuel markets. Once their systems are installed and producing revenue, IFW Corp plans to go public, offering shares of its stock to investors.

With its innovative and revolutionary process, IFW Corp will surely continue to serve as a leader in the waste management industry, not to mention continued success in the energy and fuel industries as well. IFW Corp is proud of its capabilities in producing electricity, water, and fuel oil from refuse in standalone systems where there are no harmful emissions of any kind. It is the company’s mission to provide this technology to undeveloped countries, where it can be a life changer for those with no access to such resources.

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