About 300 million scrap tires are discarded every year in the US alone.

Billions more have accumulated in dump sites across the country

...and the piles keep growing.

Our goal is to cut that waste down to ZERO.

Tire fire photoWaste disposal and recycling is a huge industry. But that industry hasn't even BEGUN to address the world's tire disposal problem.

Not only is America saddled with a mountain of 3 billion scrap tires, the glut of scrap tires continues to soar — by more than 25 million tires per month.

  • Billions of scrap tires already litter the American landscape.
  • Hundreds of millions more tires are scrapped each year.
  • A tire’s physical structure, durability, and heat-retaining characteristics make stockpiles a potential threat to human health and the environment. (EPA)
  • Prone to heat retention, tires in stockpiles also can ignite, creating tire fires that are difficult to extinguish and can burn for months, generating unhealthy smoke and toxic oils. (EPA)


What if we could turn all that trash into cash?

The revenue potential here is simply staggering.

Clean up tires - photo

IFW Recycling Corporation’s established technology unlocks enormous revenue by extracting diesel fuel, carbon black and high-grade steel from a limitless supply of discarded tires.

Our process, called DSP2™ (Direct Slow Pyrolysis, 2nd generation) differs from other similar, yet inferior technologies by producing zero emissions while creating highly marketable commodities. Furthermore, our re-engineered and fine-tuned DSP2 process has addressed and eliminated the inefficiencies and inadequacies of other pyrolysis methods.

The revenue projections are stunning; therefore the benefits to the bottom line of the company are as impressive as the benefits to the environment and the earth.

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